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Hi boys and gals of Gmod Free! This is our very first blog page that we dedicate to all our supporters and also for the game itself. Stay tuned because there are a lot more to come. A big thanks to our donators for the support and also to the players who love our Garry’s Mod Free Version.

So Why Garrys Mod is the coolest game ever? Why not? This game has sold a lot of copies compared to other games in the industry. That’s not all Gmod Free like the game has no limitations so that’s why people love it since they can do whatever they want. The reason of this unique game play is because of the epic sandbox function. This function is really our favorite since you can create mode wherein you going to be chased by zombies, Minecraft and a lot more for you to create. You can also play with your friends with the multiplayer feature which everyone loves. This game will definitely grow for many more years to come since every year based on the statistics the population of the players playing Garrys Mod Free doubled! We can expect that this awesome game will not go down south like most of the other games out there. Thanks to the one who created this game and to the team who worked and still are working to make this game the best ever! So now you know why Garrys Mod is the coolest game ever.