The Gmod Free World

We’ve been seeing some huge changes in the Garry’s Mod game files recently, which looks at repairing our solution to play Garry’s Mod for free, like an attempt. But this will most likely never going to happen and we do in fact have some thoughts coming up that people wanna import into the Gmod Free game. So far Gmod Free download has simply been an identical copy to Garry’s Mod game, but now we’re gonna ask you players in the event you need us to add custom modules and features into the game, to bring even more awareness of our release, also to differ it from the original version. However, this is something that we are discussing, so please don’t choose this as an official release note. However, you should definitely anticipate a poll to come out in a couple of weeks, where we’ll be looking at what our players desire for the future of Gmod Free.

So What Will Be The Future Of Garrys Mod Free?

It will go down south! Just kidding. We will try and make sure that our game will be free like always. Because we do now have a lot of supporters that are helping us so it’s really a huge help for our Garry’s Mod Free project. We will also have a site improvements so that it will be more faster and more appealing to our users.