Gmod Free Virus


I believe everyone was aware that there’s been some rumors going on that there were several Garrys Mod servers infected by a virus. It’s confirmed and it is true and it was done by an anonymous genius hacker who spread the virus through out the servers. The confirmed virus spread amazingly fast due to the nature of it. So when someone joins a server that has the virus in it, it will then enter the users game client and if he joins another server the virus then inject itself to that server and several hours later this nasty virus was all over Garrys Mod. It was everywhere but luckily the virus was not that really a threat compared to some well known virus. Some says that the creator of this virus is brilliant. It played a coughing noise. Nevertheless, if the creator abused this system and injected a harmful virus then I’m sure it will be chaotic. Thanks to the Gmod Tech team that it was fixed and they are also ready for the upcoming attempts if someone is foolish enough to harm the Gmod world. If this was not fixed soon i believe there will be uproar on most of the users or even they could file lawsuits since the game has a million of active gamer. Thanks to the fast response of the Garry’s Mod team and their efforts to stop this glitch. Now everyone can play and have lots of fun.

How To Prevent Being Infected Online

If you’re fond of downloading files online make sure your antivirus is updated and only download on reputable websites. There are also instances that even reputable websites has viruses or malware installed on their file so before opening the file run an anti-virus scan on that file. Make sure your drivers are also up to date to prevent infected as well. Run an anti-virus scan once a week to make sure your files are clean. Also the important this is to make back-up for the worst case scenario to happen. I hope this helps and be safe online.