garrys mod sold over 6 million copy

Guess what? Garry’s Mod Has sold more than 6,000,000 copies worldwide. Isn’t it amazing? This is where you realize that Garrys Mod is still one of the greatest game that ever created and it was created a decade ago. This is really a lot of people playing Gmod and I’m very glad that they released this epic game. What we are doing is to let people play the game without paying anything and if they love it then we encourage them to support and buy the original game. We know that most gamers want to play games that is for free. So that’s where our Garrys Mod free comes to the picture. We show our users what is the game like and we show them how to download garrys mod for free. Actually we also bought Garry’s Mod way back and we never regretted on how much me spent. We also knew that the Gmod free will be a killer in the future. Until today this game has a lot of modes and features to offer. Every year there is a new twist on Garrys Mod game. Our garrys mod free has the same core functions like the original so when playing our version it’s like you are playing the real one.

Garrys Mod in 2020

I believe and base on the statistics Garry’s Mod game will sold more than 10 million copies. That is based on that statistics where in every month user is purchasing the game. As Garry’s Mod grow our Gmod free will also grow since they can try it first for free. We just want everybody to be happy and we want everyone know how to get garrys mod for free.