Will Garrys Mod Free always stay up-to-date like the original game file?

Of course! Garrys Mod free will always be updated whenever the original file has a new patch or update. Usually it will be updated to the client within 24 hour after the original file has been release.

Will it let me play online together with my friends?

Yes it does, Gmod free is totally the same with the original version but the advantage of this is that you don’t need to spend any amount on this game. We discovered a glitch in the coding that allow us to bypass the system, still you can play the game. This is how our program works.

What if it will not work for me?

If you did follow all our step by step instructions then i can assure you that it will work. If your still having issue then you can contact us. We will get back to within 24 hours so that we can troubleshoot it together to get your Gmod Free game.

Who is/are behind this epic Gmod Free project?

That’s a good question. Our team consist of close friends who are taking up a course on programming and coding. Everything started when one of our colleague’s brother introduce the game to us. We just want to make a difference to help people who could not afford to buy this game. That’s when this Gmod free project came to life.

Does it support MAC?

Yes it does, our team has just finished working Gmod free for Mac. Now we have Gmac free for Windows and for Mac. The other platforms are still on beta phase so most likely it will be coming soon.

Garry’s Mod is not working on my Mac?

On the steam library you need to go to the game list on the side, you need to right-click the Garrys mod on the list. At the very bottom there is an option called Properties. Click on that option. Next is go to beta and you need to change the mode that you are on  the beta options. It should be on the open steam application. It should be working after that.

Do you have any more projects other than the Gmod Free project?

We are working on a newly released online game that just been released on the market. We could not tell about this project yet but stay tuned I’m sure your going to love it as well.