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Hi and welcome to our donation page which is not so popular compared to the other pages. You are very much welcome to give any amount even if it’s a penny we would really appreciate it. The donation will be spent on improving our free products and for the maintenance of it as well. Remember your donations are one of the reason why we provide quality content for you users and also improving our game.


Top Donators

1. Steve Alexis – $10

steve alexis

2. Bryan Odicta – $10


3. Rudy Sanchez – $5

rudy sanchez

4. Anonymous Donors – $45


There are several anonymous donors who donated also. We do really appreciate the support from you guys.


The Top Donators will be updated once a month.

Thank you so much for all the support! Gmod Free project is still going strong. There had been some ups and downs this last couple of months but we were able to successfully manage all the issues thanks to our staffs who where there right from the start. Kudos to all of you. Big thanks to our sponsors as well because without you guys this will never be a successful project.