Garrys Mod Free 10 years old


Time really flies when your playing Garry’s’ Mod! It’s already been a decade but the game is still as strong as ever. A lot of players are still joining the population of Garrys Mod game. Also there are a lot of improvements and changes that has made in this past years. New game modes and challenges for the players to enjoy or kill time. This year is going to be a blast since there has been rumors that there will be a new game mode that will be released. A lot of players are eager to try this new game mode out. There are also upcoming tweaks and upgrades in multiplayer mode. For the latest news and updates you can check the official website and you can also visit the forum for the latest  discussions.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Download Gmod Free?

  1. It is the most epic sandbox game created in the entire universe! I believe everyone will agree with this. If not can you name other sandbox game who dominate the gaming market right now? Garry’s Mod is the best sandbox game ever!
  2. It will cure depression, stress and bad vibe. It’s definitely true since playing this game triggers happy chemicals in your body and as a result it will relieve you from stress, depression and you will definitely enjoy the rest of the day.
  3. You will make some new friends online and also make your bond stronger with your real life friends. A group of friends that plays together will stick together forever.

We also encourage you to submit a Garrys Mod Screenshot so that we can post it on this site. We are going to collect images of our players who play this  amazing game. So what are you waiting for? Just go to our contact page and submit your photo.