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Are you a bad ass gamer? Then this game is definitely for you. And for those who still doesn’t know this epic one of a kind game? You should get out of your cave if you still don’t know Garry’s Mod. We sure do love Garrys mod because it can do everything and i mean EVERYTHING! It’s like an out of the ordinary game where you can manipulate stuffs without any restrictions. I know it’s really crazy that’s why everyone of my friends got hooked up to this game. Usually we called it Gmod. We have spent a lot of sleepless nights to finally give you a product that we are really proud of. The journey of making Gmod free is worth it. Now you can play gmod free at no cost. Welcome to our bad-ass project: Our Gmod Free is based on the original video game Garry’s Mod, where in it a sandbox game developed by the genius Garry Newman . The game is originally an expansion of the awesome game Half-Life 2 which is a super popular game. Since that Garry’s Mod generated a lot exposure and revenue. You will never get bored even playing alone since there are lot of features and options for you to play with. Add a bunch of friends and it will be a blast. There are no restrictions on how you want to build pretty much you can do anything. This truly makes Garry’s mod extraordinarily entertaining, where in the true purpose of this project is to have everyone play GM for free.

Download Gmod Free for Windows

Download Gmod Free for Mac

Garrys Mod Free Screenshots


gmod free download screen


Garrys Mod Free download server list

What is included in our Gmod Free pack?

By downloading our Garrys mod for free you will be getting the same exact full features of the original game. Here are a some  features in case a new player of Garry’s mod passed by.

  • Superb Sandbox game

  • Multiplayer feature – Play together with your Friends

  • Smooth Graphics Engine

  • You can tweak or customize

  • A whole new level of gaming.

There are a lot of features that is included in our package so you need to try it for yourself


Will I be able to play Gmod Free together with my friends?

Yes of course! How will you able to enjoy the full potential of this game if you could not share it with your friends. The great thing about our Gmod Free download is that it’s the same as the original version of Garry’s Mod game. We discovered a glitch/loophole on the system that let’s us bypass the authentication process resulting in a free Garry’s Mod game. The multiplayer feature is enabled as intended, so that you can have fun playing with no cost. Once you downloaded the program you can read all the instructions on the text file on  how to install it. The difference between our version from the Original version is that we disabled the log in server meaning you can play it right away.


What are the system requirements to play Garrys Mod Free?

The system requirements are the same as the original game.

Minimum Requirements:

 Garry's mod free download requirements

Recommended Requirements:

Gmod free download require

Now there are instances that you can play with the game under a 1.7 GHz processor but i definitely recommend that you need to follow the minimum requirements of Original Garry’s mod to avoid errors when playing with our Gmod Free.


How can you maintain Gmod Free for updates with no extra cost?

We maintain Gmod Free for updates by sometimes using our own money. Each one in our team contributes just a small amount in order to run our Gmod Free download with no extra cost. As long as we make our users happy then it’s totally worth it. Though sometimes it’s quite hard to provide a free product because of all the expenses and concerns of our users but so far everything is doing good. We provide quality solutions with our users and keep everything up-to-date as much as we can. With our Garrys Mod free download you can expect a quality product that you can share with your friends. We are also thankful  for our donators in supporting the Gmod Free project. They have been a big help on keeping our project up and running.


Done downloading Gmod Free? You can support us!

If you want to help and support us we are accepting donations from our users. Any amount will do and remember every penny counts. It could really help us out keeping our Gmod Free download with no cost. What makes our team happy is that we hear good feed backs from our user and that really made our day All of the donations will be spent on improving our Gmod Free.


Why Everyone Loves Garry’s Mod Free?

What’s not to love about this game? It’s so addicting that once you’ll get hooked with it, you can’t stop playing. And I’ll bet you can see yourself 4 or 5 years from now still playing this game and won’t even get tired of it. Though it has been released a decade ago, it is still one of the best games ever made that your imagination is the only limit to anything you can do. Its updates and add-ons are also the reasons why players increase in doubles through time.  It does not only give you fun, but it will also bring out your creative side in building constructions.  You can build your own dream car which you can drive around cities or have your own rocket ship that can fly you to space, or make something that man haven’t got any name for it–  you can create anything you want. Yes, you read that right, ANYTHING. The sky’s the limit. Garrys mod free or Gmod free download does not only focus with building constructions. One of its features is having different game modes, wherein you can play football, survive zombies, be a detective and solve murder mysteries, do parkour, break out of jail and a whole lot more. Who would not even love this game, right? It has a list of game modes to choose from and there will always be something that will be your favorite. In connection with that, you will not be the only who will experience this kind of fun with Garry’s mod, it can also be in multiplayer, so you can enjoy it with your friends. Playing Gmod game can be the best way to feel relaxed when you’re alone, however it can also be the best way to bond with friends – you and your friends will always have a blast.


Questions and Suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions you can definitely drop us a message for your concern. Just go to the Contact Us page on the upper side of this page and  we will definitely get back to you within 24 hours. Also while downloading this game make sure to visit our FAQ page. There are a lot of information there and also to keep you updated.